Orbital have announced a comeback album.

The electronic music duo - which consists of brother Phil and Paul Hartnoll - first burst onto the music scene in 1991 with a self-titled album and went on to release nine studio albums in total, with a tenth called '30 Something' due for release later this year.

In a statement, Paul said: "It's what I love doing. It’s what feels right. Back at the start it was all about doing something new, trying to sound like Cabaret Voltaire or Severed Heads but then we accidentally sounded like ourselves. And we still work like that.Now we’re diving into our past and reminding ourselves, blimey, we really did that and we still have something to say."

The 'Are We Here?' hitmakers - who recorded debut single 'Chime' inside a cupboard at their parents’ house for less than a £5 - are also set to feature a new version of their collaboration with the late theoretical physicist from the 2012 London Paralympics Opening Ceremony as a teaser single for the album.

The duo said:"This is our special Paralympic version of ‘Where Is It Going?', featuring the fantastic Stephen Hawking. He’s tackling the big question of the unification of physics and the understanding of a theory of everything. We’re not there yet, we can’t even find a unification socially as a species but hopefully one day we will find out where we are going"

'30 Something' is due for release on July 152022 and will be available as a double CD, quadruple LP boxset and digital streaming formats.

Pre-order here https://orbital30something.lnk.to/WhereIsItGoing