Joss Stone is pregnant with her second child.

The You Had Me hitmaker announced in an eight-minute Instagram video on Monday that she is expecting another baby with her partner Cody DaLuz.

She also shared that she suffered a miscarriage in October and wanted to acknowledge her "baby before" as well as her current one.

"So that's the beautiful part of the story is that there are rainbows after storms and it's just lovely. I'm very excited and I can't wait to meet my baby," she said. "I hope and pray that everything is OK and I'm very excited to announce it but I didn't want to not acknowledge my baby before."

The 35-year-old held up her pregnancy scan from last year and then presented viewers with her current one.

"Life, doesn't it give us all sorts of different things to deal with?" she reflected as she ended the video. "We can deal with the good bits and the bad bits, we can get through it and loveliness will come."

In a separate post, Joss explained that she had to shift some tour dates as a result of her pregnancy. Three concerts in Poland have been postponed from October to February and March 2023, while she has cancelled her performances at the Dalane Blues Festival in Norway and the Herbstigal festival in Switzerland.

Joss and Cody are already parents to a daughter named Violet, who was born in January 2021.