Wet Leg were terrified they'd lose their record deal when their label finally saw them in action.

The 'Chaise Longue' hitmakers - comprising Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers - were signed to Domino in November 2020, a time when gigs were not taking place because of the coronavirus pandemic so it was a very strange time for them.

Hester told Rolling Stone magazine: “Because there were no gigs, we couldn’t showcase ourselves, which is very strange.

“I was always worried — like, oh my god, when they see that I can’t actually play guitar, they’re going to be like, ‘Excuse me. We need to …'”

Rhian added: “…’Take back the contracts.' "

The pair have never set out to be part of a "serious band" and they don't care what people think of them or their musical ability.

Noting she couldn't play guitar when the band started out, Rhian said: “When we started Wet Leg, there was a definite, solid decision that it wasn’t going to be a serious band.

“The aim of the game was just to have fun. It doesn’t matter if people are judging us. We’re just going to do it, because why the hell not? It took us so long to get to that point.”

Hester added: “It was scary for sure. Being in [our] mid-twenties and getting older, you’re like, ‘Will people laugh at me? Is this allowed?’ But actually, it is, and you just have to do it.”

The duo have had to upgrade the venues for their North American tour because of a demand for tickets and joked they don't feel totally at ease in the bigger venues.

Rhian said: “The upgrades have been like putting on shoes that are too big for you and learning how to hobble about in them, and hope that no one notices you’re walking funny.”