Machine Gun Kelly has reflected on the last time he saw Taylor Hawkins.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, the Bad Things rapper explained that he and his band were on the same bill as the Foo Fighters two days before the drummer’s death at the age of 50 on 25 March.

Kelly, real name Colson Baker, went on to describe how even though their sets were cancelled due to inclement weather, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl invited them all for drinks, where Hawkins ensured he spent time with everyone.

“Like, every single one of us, man, down to... my assistant,” Kelly remembered. “They're relating over, 'Oh you're from Topanga? I'm from Topanga!' It was like, dude, he's such a beautiful soul man.”

Kelly also had a message for Hawkins’s three children.

“I really want to thank him and let his kids know that he made us feel, in a time where the outside world, outside of the fans, and the outside world was really coming in hard on us, he made us feel so confident in ourselves and loved,” the 31-year-old continued. “Your father is a great, great man and we were all lucky to know him and we all appreciate that night more than anyone will know.”

Kelly had previously alluded to that night in a comment on Tommy Lee’s tribute post, writing, “Wednesday night me and Taylor talked about you and how much we both love you.”

Hawkins died at a hotel in Bogotá, Colombia after suffering chest pain. Local authorities are still investigating his sudden passing.