Thomas Rhett is hoping to follow up his Katy Perry duet with a Niall Horan collaboration.

The country-pop star has released his new album, 'Where We Started', which features the pop icon on the album's title track.

And Thomas is hoping he and his pal Niall, 28, who have written together "a couple of times", can find the time to record a hit together.

He said: “I feel like every time me and Niall are together we threaten to do some sort of collaboration.

“We have written a couple of times but I don’t think we have written the song yet for us to do.

“We stay in touch, especially when he’s in town. He’s just a good buddy. I love Niall and his solo projects.

“It would be a lot of fun to just find a week and be like, ‘We’re going here and we’re going to write and whatever the best one is, we’re going to do it together’.

“I can see there being a me and Niall collaboration in the next couple of years.”

The 32-year-old singer - who has four daughters with wife Lauren Akins - admitted he found it "overwhelming" hearing Katy, 37, on his song.

On how the duet came about, he added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “We had never met until she said, ‘I love this song, how can I be part of it?’

“We exchanged phone numbers and the next thing you know I’m FaceTiming Katy Perry in my kitchen and my wife’s like, ‘Who’re you talking to?’ I was like, ‘Just Katy, no big deal’.

“Hearing her on this track was overwhelming. Like, ‘Good Lord, you can freaking sing!’.

“To be able to work with someone who is an icon, who put a stamp on a period of music and changed pop music when she first came out, I was honoured.”