Lizzo has launched a shapewear brand called Yitty.

The singer and body positivity activist has teamed up with Fabletics Inc. to launch Yitty, a reference to her childhood nickname. Lizzo has been developing the brand for three years and it will launch on 12 April with around 100 pieces divided into three collections: Nearly Naked, Mesh Me and Major Label. The lines feature bras, underwear, bodysuits, and matching sets, all ranging from sizes XS-6X.

Announcing Yitty on Instagram on Wednesday, the 33-year-old insisted she wants to help people embrace who they are.

"This is a love letter to my big grrrls, and a welcome letter to Every Body. This is *not* an invitation to change who you are... this is an opportunity to BE who you are on your terms," she wrote. "I don't know about y'all - but I'm sick of people telling me how I'm supposed to look and feel about my body. I'm tired of discomfort being synonymous with sexy. If it's uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. And if it makes you feel good PUT IT ON. @YITTY isn't just shapewear, it's your chance to reclaim your body and redefine your beauty standard."

Lizzo told The New York Times that she didn't even want to call her products shapewear, preferring the term "bodywear", but nobody knew what that meant. She added that she wants to help others "enjoy autonomy" with their bodies.

"I don't want to be the only one who can enjoy autonomy with my body because I am now in a privileged position where people want to make me stuff and I can afford it," she explained. "I want to help other people out in that way too, so they're not just looking at me and thinking, 'Damn, I wish I could afford custom thousand-dollar pieces.'"

The Juice singer serves as the chief executive and co-founder of Yitty and also appears in the advertising campaigns.

Yitty will be sold on its own website, the Fabletics website and in Fabletics stores.