It was the greatest Mother’s Day present you could ask for on Greatest Hits Radio at the weekend as Martin Kemp was joined by the one and only Michael Bublé. The star talked about his new album ‘Higher’ which is out now.

Michael shared a great piece of advice fellow singer Ed Sheeran gave him ahead of making the album: “I had this beautiful chat with Ed Sheeran and he said something to me. He said “Mike, I just say yes to things. You know what, I just sort of say yes to everything, and if it sucks my manager will kill it at some point but I just say yes. And I was like, that sounds scary and awesome. So, I just started saying yes.”

Ed wasn’t the only star Michael came across when making the album, as he also told Martin about his experience with Paul McCartney, and covering his song ‘My Valentine’. Michael said: “I’m not sure who sent the email whether it was from Paul directly or his manager, but I got a message saying ‘The camp hears you’re making a new record and they think that you’d do a great job of this song My Valentine’.”

The star took this opportunity to see if he could get the help of Sir Paul McCartney by admitting “I’d love to do this, I think I could do the song it even more justice if I could get Sir Paul’s help, to help me tell the story, to emote, to help me work on this arrangement.”

He continued “We did this demo, and I sent it to the management company and said ‘listen I’d love you to send this to Sir Paul, here’s my phone number. I’d love to hear what he thinks.’ A few days later, I was driving down Sunset (Boulevard), and a +44 number, I answered and said ‘Hi’ and this beautiful voice said ‘Hi, It’s Paul Mac.” And I didn’t know what to say. I answered and said,“Hi, this is Mike Bube.”

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