Tommy Lee has reflected on his last conversation with Taylor Hawkins in an emotional tribute.

The Foo Fighters' drummer passed away suddenly in a hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia on Friday. He was 50.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Lee posted a photo of Hawkins, and in an accompanying post, revealed that he had only spoken to his friend "a few hours ago".

Addressing the musician directly, Lee admitted typing the statement was very "difficult".

"Dude I just talked with you a few hours ago from your hotel room in Columbia (sic) before your concert," he wrote. "I wish this was some s**tty dream or bad prank that we would both laugh about, but it's not! You KNOW how I feel about you and how much I love you and we both know there's no need to type it all out on social media for others to read."

Lee concluded the post, "Rest in beats."

In addition, Machine Gun Kelly added a post in the comments sections and revealed that he had also spoken to Hawkins recently.

"Wednesday night me and Taylor talked about you and how much we both love you (sic)," he added.