Ed Sheeran and J Balvin call in to New Music Daily on Apple Music 1 to discuss collaborating on their new songs "Sigue" and "Forever My Love”.

Ed Sheeran Tells Apple Music About Working With J Balvin...
They were made in a very, very, very natural way. It wasn't a label reaching out sort of thing. We met in a gym and made friends first, and then later on we started making music and it just happened very organically. And yeah, I'm really excited to put them out, and see what you people think. I learned Spanish for them, which took a while. So I guess that's my new party trick. Yeah, I guess that's a skill that it shows off.

Ed Sheeran Tells Apple Music That J Balvin Bought Him An iPad And Hid It In A Pizza Box...
I had an old iPad that I'd had for a while. It had a smashed screen I just couldn't be bothered to replace. And José bought me a new iPad, which was weird, and then hid it in a pizza box. I mean, it was very, very sweet of him. And I've still got it now. It's actually just down here. But yeah, I remember getting an iPad in a pizza box and pizza box for... Pizza for breakfast. But yeah, it was fun.

J Balvin Tells Apple Music About Making "Sigue" and "Forever My Love” With Ed Sheeran…
The songs came about love and about partying. We wanted to do the best of both worlds, with Ed Sheeran does and what we do. And this creation show is about women saying love and... Love in general. The recording process was amazing. We became friends first and then we didn't plan it. We were just in New York and we started vibing and then... Here we are. Life put us together and that's why we just did this amazing project. We came great friends and here we are.