Drake has stunned a young basketball player by gifting him $100,000 (£75,000).

The God's Plan rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal that he recently had an "incredible night" of betting on roulette via the Stake.com platform.

Accordingly, Drake decided to share the joy, and in the four-minute-long clip, is seen hosting Michael Evbagharu and his mother alongside basketball icon LeBron James at the "legendary" Harbour 60 restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

"Anytime I get blessed like that, I always think it's good karma that needs to be transferred. So, I play for fun and I play in the hopes that I can spread love always," he said, before going on to give the "star" athlete a stack of cash. "I respect your hard work a lot. On behalf of me and my brother (LeBron) and Stake, we wanted to give you this, it's $100,000. Hopefully, it makes this journey a little easier."

LeBron added: "(I hope) it takes the burden off of your chest, off of your heart."

Michael and his mother gratefully accepted the gift, giving big hugs to the stars.

In addition, Drake revealed to LeBron that he had partnered with Stake to donate $1 million (£760,000) to the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, which is supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation.

"You love nice things, right? I know what means the most to you in this life, what I've studied, what actually makes you feel rich in the soul. So, I've been trying to figure out what I could do for this moment. We're going to dedicate $1 million to the I Promise School and I'm going to drop it off myself," he stated, before LeBron gushed, "Appreciate it - my kids are going to go crazy for that!"