Nothing But Real is a french hybrid alternative rock band from Paris, drawing eclectic influences of alternative rock, fusion, stoner, film music, pop and electro. The band is composed of Hanta (Lead vocals), Tom (Guitar, Backing vocals), Eghan (Drums) and Victor (Bass), and together they released two singles in 2019 (“Don’t you know“ and “Noisy Mind“), their first eponymous album in 2020 and 2 singles off their new album “Lost In The World”, being released today.

The sound of the quartet comes to life through mysterious virtual characters.
Self-described as “a double-headed hybrid animal carried by a powerful and light alternative rock“, the band takes its audience into a unique and visual world inspired by manga, comic books, films, video games and mythology.

The new album “Lost in the World” was recorded at Studio Cream with Yohann François (Théo Tams, Greg Nori..), and will be released on March 25, 2022.

"The album was created through an extended period of time : The song “Lost in the World“ for example, was composed in 2007 to pay tribute to my grandfather to whom I did not have time to say goodbye… “Here I am“ was composed in 2008, and “Behind the Door“ in 2013. After this long process, it feels so good to have succeeded in giving birth to these songs." — Tom

A new music video of the song “Lost in the World” will be unveiled on April 22, 2022. Stay put and follow the band on Instagram