BANKS joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new song “I Still Love You” from her forthcoming album ‘Serpentine’ due out later this week. She tells Zane about the song’s origin and subject matter and that ’Serpentine’ is her favourite album she’s made to date.

BANKS Tells Apple Music About New Song "I Still Love You”…
I was just feeling that way. I wrote it years ago and it never felt right to put on an album. It just felt like the special secret child of mind. And I was missing my ex - that’s really where it came from. He was a complete stoner… that’s what happens with breakups. Even though I don’t miss him anymore, when I hear this song I miss somebody. It’s timeless and it's so… everybody has felt that… it’s universal. And the chords are just so special to me. They really remind me of the Little Rascals. They’re so innocent but they've got such depth of wisdom in my opinion. They're just so special to me. It’s such a big deal for me. I sent it to my mum a few days ago, and was like "this is coming out" and she said “is this a cover?” This song is just so special to me. I feel really emotional right now. It feels like a really big moment for me in my career to be honest. This song felt so Jillian or something…I feel like I’ve come a really long way personally. And releasing this into the world feels just so beautiful.

BANKS Tells Apple Music About Her Forthcoming Album 'Serpentine’...

This is my favourite album. It just feels like I'm the best artist I've even been because I’ve accepted more of myself than I ever have.