Doja Cat paused her concert at Lollapalooza Argentina to see to a fan in distress.

The 'Woman' hitmaker was performing her track 'Options' at the festival at the Hippodromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires on Saturday (19.03.22) when she spotted a fan who required help and refused to continue with the performance until she received a signal that the gig-goer was OK.

She shouted in a clip from the event seen by Billboard: “Yo. Cut it!

“Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Somebody needs help over there. Is that right? Am I right? Somebody needs help?”

She continued: “I love you guys, I really do. We can’t have that happening.

“You guys over there in that circle that just signaled to me, when everything’s OK, you just go like this.

“Just do that, OK? Just wave. If it’s not OK, then don’t do anything. But once it’s OK, just do something with your hands like this.”

The 26-year-old rapper insisted the safety of the crowd was her priority as she told them not to get "sad or upset" by the delay.

She told the crowd: “I’m sorry, I can’t keep going if things aren’t good."

Doja added: “Listen, you guys."

“It’s nobody’s fault. This stuff happens. There’s a lot of people, and people get crushed. It’s a lot. If you could see the point of view that I’m seeing it from, it’s a lot of people … Don’t get, you know, sad or upset. I’ll be back. I will. I will, I promise.”

When she got the all-clear, Doja proceeded to perform 'Say So'.

Several music stars have been halting their performances to check on fans since a crowd surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival left hundreds injured and 10 people dead in November.

Billie Eilish recently stopped her concert when she spotted a fan having trouble breathing, while John Mayer paused his performance to check if an audience member was "conscious" last month.