Muna have praised Phoebe Bridgers for guiding their career.

The indie-pop trio are signed to Phoebe's Saddest Factory Records and say they joined the label to work with Phoebe.

Guitarist Josette Maskin told Billboard: "We just respect her a lot. One of the reasons we signed to Saddest is because we really think that Phoebe is a marketing genius … every bit of her aesthetic is so her, and she’s so relatable. She is a king, and we’re just really happy to work with her.”

They also revealed that it was Phoebe's decision for them to release Anything But Me as their new single.

Guitarist Naomi McPherson explained: "I gotta give it up, that was Phoebe’s call. We were waffling between a few different songs, and then she felt super strongly about that one. So we were like, ‘We’re gonna trust you,’ and people seem to really f****** like it … so shoutout!"

And lead vocalist Katie Gavin revealed the fan response to their new music has been overwhelming.

She said: "I think it’s still sinking in, to be honest with you — we’re just getting a lot of love, so you just try to receive it and believe it. It was really great to put out a song about something that is a hard thing in life to go through, but moving through it with a lot of trust in yourself and celebrating that, ‘I’m gonna do what’s right for me, and I believe that’s going to be good’ … This record, there’s a little bit more joy and self-assuredness, so I think that song is a good representation of that."