Justin Bieber has broken his silence following his wife Hailey Bieber's recent hospitalisation.

Last weekend, Hailey revealed on Instagram that she experienced "stroke like symptoms" on 10 March and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered a "very small blood clot to my brain". Her body passed the clot on its own and she recovered completely within a few hours.

Justin broke his silence about her health scare when the power cut out during his concert in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday.

"You know, it's kind of crazy how life randomly throws you curveballs," the Sorry singer began. "You know, we can't really control much. You know, tonight the power cutting out. Obviously, you guys know, most of you probably know or have seen the news about my wife.

"But she's OK, she's good, she's strong. But it's been scary, you know? Like, it's been really scary. But I know for a fact that God has her in the palm of his hands and that's a good thing."

Video footage of his speech shows the audience roaring with cheers and applause.

In her Instagram post, which has since been deleted, the model told her followers that the clot caused a small lack of oxygen to her brain. She described the incident as "definitely one of the scariest moments" she'd ever been through and assured fans that she was "home now and doing well".