for KING COUNTRY have paid tribute to the"sacrifices" their mother made for them.

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone - who have five other siblings - penned their track 'Unsung Hero in honour of their parents and everything they have done for them, and ahead of Mother's Day in the UK on 27 March, they have praised their mum Helen for being a great example of a "strong woman".

Joel said: "Luke and I have both been very fortunate to grow up in a home full of love from our parents from the top down–from our parents to the seven of us children.

"Our mum has really been an encourager and example for us of a strong woman to us.

"We believe it’s so important to recognise parental figures in our lives that really sacrifice so much, which is one of the many reasons we wrote 'Unsung Hero to really say that to our parents, and on Mother’s Day, our mum, Helen.”

The group have just released a new album, 'What Are We Waiting For?' - which features 'Unsung Hero - and the record allowed them to reflect on the impact of the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic and how the brothers hope to move towards a "bright future".

Luke said: “The last two years have been very unique for all of us. It’s been a strange time. Going through struggle, you end up asking yourself some interesting questions like ‘What am I doing with my life?,’ ‘What do I want to be known for?,’ ‘What am I living for?’ I think the phrase, What Are We Waiting For?, encompasses the meaning behind this album."

Joel added: "The last few years have taken us from wondering what was happening, to worrying. This album was a way to look at and write about -- from a family perspective, from a spiritual perspective, and from a global perspective - this global suffering that we’ve all walked through.

Our hope is that this title means something slightly different to each of us. This album is an opportunity for us, together, to get moving together again into what we believe is a very bright future."

'What Are We Waiting For?' is out now and for KING COUNTRY will air a free online performance experience,'What Are We Waiting For? The Worldwide Special' on Facebook and YouTube on 21 March.