Chase & Status join Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new song "Don't Be Scared (feat. Takura)".

Chase & Status Tell Apple Music About New Song ‘Don't Be Scared (feat. Takura)’…

Saul: It’s all in the title really... I think throughout the period of time which was difficult for a lot of people, we got back to the essence of where we’ve always been with music — just making music we’re really passionate about. It’s like our career's gone full circle. I'm very proud of this one. It’s really quite cool that it features Takura who has obviously been around with us for many many years. It’s great to come full circle with one of our longest standing friends.

Will: Like Saul said, we had a lot of time to think and we had a lot of conversations about retrospective stuff about what career we’ve had so far and how lucky we’ve been and all the amazing experiences we’ve had — every moment that’s defined our career basically. And I guess we thought, this new project, we should take all that wisdom and experience and put it into something that really sums up 15 years of lessons, if you like, in the music industry. It’s almost just genreless mad music and defines a lot of different sounds that define our sound.