Today is was revealed that Sam Ryder will represent the UK in Eurovision 2022. He spoke to Ken Bruce on Radio 2 this morning.

On Eurovision
Sam: I’ve been a fan of Eurovision for years and to have the opportunity to go over to Turin and do what I love to do which is sing and hopefully bring a little bit of joy and be on that stage with so many other amazing performers, creators and songwriters around Europe, I think that ticks a lot of boxes

About the song
Sam: I wrote this song about a year ago with two very close friends of mine and it was kind of the song that started my journey, got record labels interested... so I knew it was really important, I guess like bit of expression and bit of music and I sat on it for quite a long time thinking when’s the best time to release this song and anyone that knows me knows that I overthink absolutely everything and I’m glad, though, that I over-thought this because having waited on it, we’ve been given this amazing opportunity with Eurovision to release it and give it it’s little moment in the world. I think it’s perfect for it.

How will it be staged?
Sam: Ken, you know I can’t and I won’t tell you a single thing about it, but I promise I won’t let you down.
Ken: I know you’ll do a good job.

Do you think that the public are warming to your music, do you think they’re ready for it?
Sam: I hope you, but there’s only so much I can put my mind to, the things I can control. All I need to keep my focus on is my mental armament for something as wild as Eurovision – I think 200 million people watch it, which is something too staggering to think about so if I bring in, you know, the hope that people like the song onto my plate then I’m falling over!

Ken: We’re getting a lot of people calling, texting in saying they love the song.
Sam: I made a lot of bad music in school, as all artists do, but I’ve been practising for a long time, it’s been a dream. I’ve had some amazing influences, like with Freddie Mercury, Adele, Sia, Steve Perry, Bruce Dickinson, I’m going to stop there – incredible singers to just inspire me.