Halsey has penned an emotional note about the loss of their beloved dog Jagger.

The Without Me hitmaker, who uses both she/her and they/them pronouns, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a series of images of their pet.

In the accompanying caption, Halsey explained that five-year-old Jagger had died following a brief battle with myelomalacia, which often occurs following a spinal cord injury.

"It is sudden and uncommon and unfair with a catastrophic prognosis. Within three days my beautiful baby boy went from chasing imaginary birds around the yard and laying in my lap turning his ears up at the sounds of Sesame Street, to having paralysis spread through his body by the hour," the 27-year-old wrote. "It was sudden and shocking and I still haven't even really processed it. I don't know why I'm sharing all this besides to just say love your pets every single second because anything can change in a moment."

Halsey, who welcomed son Ender last year, went on to credit Jagger for teaching them "how to be a mommy".

"It's the most visceral loss I have ever felt. Like the absence of a vital appendage. Every single second of my day that once revolved around his little habits and routines is now full of just emptiness and silence. If you loved Jagger along with me, thank you for giving him the best life the bestest boy could have ever had," they added.