George Ezra was "left with nothing" after making his second album.

The 'Shotgun' hitmaker admitted his 2014 debut LP 'Wanted on Voyage' left him feeling "burnt out" but the process of creating 2018's 'Staying At Tamara's' left him even more drained and questioning who he was.

He said: "If I was burnt out after the first record, I was gone after the second.

“I thought the other night that I gave that album my all. No wonder I was left with nothing.

“I was wiped out. No energy. I had no idea who I was. Words are coming into my head that surprise me — like vulnerable. I felt quite afraid.”

The 28-year-old singer has worked to find a better balance while making his upcoming new album, 'Gold Rush Kid'.

He said: “I said that we can do what we’ve done before.

“But I know if we approach it that way, afterwards I’ll say, ‘I’m done.’ And the next record would be inaccessible. Revolt for revolt’s sake.”

George is aware of his reputation as a "safe" artist and insisted it would "never work" if he wanted to come across as a bad boy.

He told the Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "I find everything about my positioning in the world of music interesting.

“It’d never work if I tried to convince people I was dangerous. And it makes me laugh when people think I would strive to do that, or when I see other male singer-songwriters trying to tell people they’re risqué. Just put it to bed! It’s all right not to be. It’s OK.

“It’s difficult for anyone to have real success without social media and it is hard to convince people you are countercultural when you film yourself saying, ‘Please pre-download my record!’ It’s so uncool if there is ever an attempt to be edgy

“It just isn’t true. I don’t care what band you’re in, you need discipline and have to do vocal warm-ups before stage. There’s no way that’s cool. But that’s OK! When I grew up it was a given that gigs could be a bit s***. Not now.”