Britney Spears is thinking about getting Botox injections to combat "subtle lines" on her face.

The Gimme More hitmaker took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video of her acting out a scene from the 2011 movie Bridesmaids while on a private jet headed to a "tropical destination".

In the accompanying caption, Britney revealed she is "debating" getting Botox.

"Anyways I'm really debating on getting Botox!!! I think I'm getting subtle lines on my forehead but the last time I did it my eyebrow was raised like the funny girl in the movie Just Go With It !!!!" she wrote, referring to the 2011 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. "For 3 weeks it wouldn't come down, it stayed up there!!! Lol Sounds funny but it actually wasn't!!! I thought it was permanent...I mean I'm surprised people don't sue..."

To conclude, Britney insisted she hadn't been drinking and was simply happy.

"Anyways just happy to be here as in PRESENT ... GRACE ... cherishing moments and most of all, getting strong spiritually!!!!" the 40-year-old added.