Liam Gallagher says his estranged brother Noel is "welcome" to attend his Knebworth gigs.

The former Oasis frontman is set to mark 25 years since the Britpop legends' record-breaking gigs at the Hertfordshire venue with two sold-out solo gigs there on June 3 and June 4.

The 'Wonderwall' hitmakers played to a record 250,000 fans at Knebworth across two days in August 1996.

And while it's unlikely that his rival sibling and the group's ex-guitarist will be in attendance, since the pair have been at loggerheads ever since Oasis split following a backstage brawl between the pair at their final gig in Paris in 2009, the 49-year-old rocker has invited him.

According to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, Liam said: "He can come if he wants, but I think he's doing his own big shows around the same time.

"They're not as big as mine! He'll be somewhere. He's welcome if he wants."

The 'Paper Crown' singer - who releases his third solo album 'C'mon You Know' on May 27 - added: "These gigs will be special because when you get to play Knebworth, they are special moments because the people bring it."

Noel's High Flying Birds are playing In It Together Festival in Wales on Liam's second night at Knebworth on June 4.

Fans had speculated that Oasis could reunite at Knebworth, and the director of the 'Oasis Knebworth 1996' documentary believes the band will get back together eventually.

Jake Scott - who worked with the band on the 2021 anniversary film - believes Noel, 54, and Liam will reunite the 'Some Might Say' band the future.

He said recently: "Yeah. I’d love to think so. It’d be lovely. Oh God it’d be great wouldn’t it? There’s so much studio manipulation in music now. Just a solid rock n roll band would be an amazing thing to see again."

Speaking about the band's iconic Knebworth gigs, the filmmaker added: "My sense of Knebworth was to be there was very special. It wasn’t just one of those gigs, it was one of those special moments.

"You’ve been to gigs but there are only a couple of gigs in one’s life you’ve really had that moment where you’ve gone, ‘Oh wow, I’m seeing something important here’. I get a very strong sense that Knebworth did that for a lot of people. There’s a sense of unity and dare I say it, love."