Today on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, we chat with The Foo Fighters. They talk about their upcoming movie and spill on the most disgusting thing that happened in their van.


WIPPA The film clips have gone on and on and on. I mean, the one on the aircraft where you play every character on there. I mean, this is something you've always enjoyed doing. So to move to a movie like this. It's not out of character was obviously your idea Dave?

FOO FIGHTERS Years ago, like three years ago, I have a friend that works in the industry. And he went to some meeting and he came out of the meeting and texted me said I was just in a meeting. And these people want to make a horror film with the Foo Fighters. And I texted him back. I'm like, That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard in my life. There's no way we'd ever do. It's totally ridiculous. Why would we do something so dumb. And then we rented this house to write and record the new record. And while we were in there, sort of demoing and working on the music, I thought, wait a second, we have the house. We might like finished making the record, because we made the record in the house that let you see the movie. Once we're done with the record. We'll just take a couple of weeks off and then make this low budget really quick slasher film. And then it just kind of snowballed into a full length feature.

FITZY Chris is there a bit of Evil Dead in the movie? What are some of the inspirational like horror movies over the years that inspired you for this movie?

FOO FIGHTERS think it kind of references a lot of the classics. You know, like there's it's sort of referential all throughout not just the like old horror movies, but like all the like heavy metal and punk rock stuff that we grew up with, too. I think it's all kind of in the mix.

FITZY Dave is that your original van before nirvana? You're in a band called scream? Is that your original van that's in the movie?

FOO FIGHTERS That’s not the scream man. That's the That's the red van that the Foo Fighters did our first tour in like 26 years ago. That's the big cameo. Like yeah, Carrie King from slayers. Lionel Richie. He's in the movie. That's kind of cool. But our van, the van made a cameo. And we still use it all the time.

FITZY And you've got a great documentary as well. If anyone gets a chance what drives us, which is unbelievable. Are there horror stories from the van or are they the best stories of all time?

DAVE GROHL Oh, god. Yeah, well, the most disgusting thing that ever happened in that van was that you know, after shows, we would like put the equipment back in the van were usually like sweaty and totally soaking wet. And I took one of my T shirts and I just threw it in the back of the van. And then about a month later opened up the back of the van saw the t shirt there on the like on the carpet on the floor, picked it up and there were mushrooms growing.

WIPPA That should have made the film. There's your inspiration right there. That is amazing. So that’s how you got into mushrooms. Wow.

FOO FIGHTERS Yeah and I tripped my ass off for like about 26 hours. Amazing. Best shrooms I ever had.

FITZY The horror genre is done now and you have a you have mastered that. I mean, what's the next genre? Have we got a rom com movie coming out? Or is there anything in the plans?

FOO FIGHTERS We have some ideas. We have a few could be sci fi could be rom com. Yeah, it could be an adventure. Could be animated. I mean, this is the thing about the Foo Fighters. We are shapeshifters okay, we can bounce from medium to medium genre to genre. There's nothing we can't do. Wow, there it is.