Britney Spears has dubbed her cute new puppy the second "love of her life".

The popstar took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of a white Australian Shepherd, and explained in the accompanying caption that he was named Sawyer and she had adopted him during a recent trip to Hawaii.

"Geez.... can you have two loves of your lives because he comes in second!!!!" she gushed, also referring to her fiancé Sam Asghari. "I'm introducing the new edition to my family ... his name is Sawyer and he's a white Australian shepherd with blue eyes!!!!! I found him in Maui like a dream and took him home with me immediately."

Britney went on to share that Sawyer is settling in well at her home, and she has hardly had to toilet train him.

"It's funny... he doesn't talk back but it's like he understands what I'm saying!!!! I can talk to him for 30 min about potty training and rewarding him when he goes potty on the pad!!!! I think he understands me especially with those eyes... he makes my heart melt... he needs me and I like that!!!!!" the 40-year-old continued. "I have a house FULL of small animals and I like it besides the potty training!!!! Here's me dancing with my baby and he definitely has me FEELING LOVE."

Britney and Sam also have a Doberman named Porsha, a Maltese called Lacey, and a Yorkie named Hannah, as well as a pet cat.