Jack Antonoff has compared Damon Albarn to Donald Trump following his songwriting dispute with Taylor Swift.

The Bleachers star, who has worked with Swift on every album since 2014's 1989, came to his collaborator's defence in January after the Blur frontman claimed the Shake It Off singer didn't write her own songs.

Antonoff was asked about the dispute during an appearance on The What podcast and claimed Albarn was just like former U.S. President Trump when he gave a false statement and made it sound like a fact.

"Obviously, it's completely absurd and everyone knows that," Antonoff said. "You're talking about one of the greatest songwriters of our generation who has her name as the only name on many songs. You don't need me to explain it - it's fact.

"I don't like it when artists take almost this Trumpian approach of just making things up... I don't care if Damon Albarn or anyone likes or doesn't like something, but to unequivocally make a statement that isn't true... not to get to deep on it, but isn't that kind of everything that's wrong with our world at the moment? People talking about s**t that they have no clue about?

"But to launch this weird, baseless (claim) with this bravado that it's fact... maybe before you say that, you should shut the f**k up."

After Albarn made the comments to the Los Angeles Times, Swift called him out on Twitter and wrote that his "hot take is completely false and SO damaging".

Antonoff and her other collaborators - Aaron Dessner, Joel Little, and Nathan Chapman - also defended her songwriting talents on the site.

Albarn subsequently apologised "unreservedly and unconditionally" for his comments, which he insisted were "reduced to clickbait".