Dolly Parton wants to die when she has reached her "peak".

In an interview with Access, the 76-year-old country singer was asked about legendary actress Betty White, who passed away at age 99 on New Year's Eve.

But while Parton is a big fan of White, the Jolene hitmaker admitted that she doesn't want to live until she is 100.

"I hope I don't live that long, to be honest. I just hope I go out at my peak whenever that peak might be and then just fall out like that. But don't we all wish for that?" she mused, before praising White's energy and dedication to fans. "I met her a time or two. I just knew of her work, and I just loved her. I just thought she was great. And I hope to be like that. I hope to be able to, if I live that long, I hope to be able to be active and productive, and I will, you know, be trying if I live that long."

After her passing - three weeks shy of her 100th birthday - Parton paid tribute to the Golden Girls star on social media.

"While watching the news last night I learned of Betty White's passing," the musician wrote. "Betty will live forever not only in this world but the world here after."