Lizzo has shared a sweet video of her and her mother listening to her new track Special.

The 33-year-old singer posted a video of her and her mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, sitting in the car listening to the new track on Instagram.

"This is the first time I played my new music for my momma - I was nervous to post this!" the Grammy winner wrote in the caption. "But just know: if the ones you love support you - THATS ALL U NEED. It's been a long journey YALL... but I think it's about that time."

In the clip, the two sing along to the song and bob their heads while sitting in the parked car. Over on her Instagram Stories, the Juice star expressed how much it means to her for her mum to like her music.

"I've always wanted to make my momma proud," the Juice hitmaker continued. "Today was her first time hearing my new music. She told me she has ALWAYS been proud of me (even in my crazy rock star sleeping in my car days). She always made me feel special. In case nobody told you yet... you're special. Keep going. I'm proud of you."

Lizzo first teased the new hit in a commercial for Logitech's DEFY LOGIC campaign on Thursday.