Allegra was “addicted” to songwriting from the moment she first stepped into a recording studio.

The ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ singer was “hooked” on creating songs as soon as she started working with a producer when she was just 14 years old, even though she was “terrified” at the time.

She recalled to Wonderland magazine: “As a young girl I was already writing and I have to say it’s quite funny now looking back.

“But one thing I really remember is going to a studio to record at around 14 years old with a producer and it was the first time I’d heard my voice like that and I was hooked. It was what started everything off for me.

“I was terrified! But I really wanted the experience and to learn about it all. We wrote three songs over two days. I got so addicted to it and now that’s why I write all the time.”

The ‘Used to Miss You’ singer is inspired by “empowering women” when it comes to her own music.

She said: “I’m always keeping a list of references to different artists for new ideas, sometimes it plays out and sometimes it doesn’t.

“Beyoncé, always. As a child, I had a bright pink microphone and I’d always be singing her songs into it in my room. I also loved Rihanna, The Saturdays, Alicia Keys, and Rita Ora whilst growing up. I’m currently obsessed with this new upcoming artist called Mimi Webb. I have to listen to empowering women.

“I’m always making new playlists for inspiration

“Well another influence of mine is Dua Lipa and I’ve been compared to her quite a few times, which is certainly no bad thing. My next single coming out actually really reminds me of her. I love her modern disco vibe.”

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