Elton John wants all denim clothing "in the world" to be destroyed.

During an interview for Vogue's Life in Looks video series, the music star reflected on 14 of his most iconic outfits, extending from the extravagant Bob Mackie creations to his embellished Gucci suits by Alessandro Michele.

However, Elton insisted he will never be seen wearing denim ever again.

"Let me talk about denim for a while," he said, referencing an all-denim outfit covered in badges that he sported in 1972. "I used to wear denim in the early '70s and I absolutely loathe denim now. I think every piece of denim in the world should be burnt. I loathe it, I detest it. Cancel it."

Elsewhere in the clip, Elton gushed over his relationships with some of his go-to designers, including costume designer Bill Whitten, the late Gianni Versace, and Donatella Versace.

"Designers, when you wear their clothes, they become part of you and become your friends. And that's why I like to have relationships with designers because you get to know them, they get to know you, and you have fun with them. Every designer I've ever worked with, I've had so much fun with," the 74-year-old smiled. "I've never asked them to make me something special, it's always what they want. Throughout my career, clothes have been so important. Without the process of dressing up, looking different and having fun, I would have never have been the artist that I became."