Janet Jackson finds it 'tough' to talk about her infamous wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004.

During the event, the singer's breast - adorned with a nipple shield - was exposed by Justin Timberlake to the viewing public for approximately half a second.

Since then, the incident is often referred to as Nipplegate or Janetgate, and though Janet apologised at the time, it has plagued her career.

"What's really important is going back to having that foundation. Not just family, but God. That's what really pulled me through," she reflected in an interview with Allure. "It's tough for me to talk about that time."

Janet then alluded to the misogyny of the situation, with the backlash from the controversy resulting in an industry blacklisting under the direction of Les Moonves, who was then-chief executive officer of the CBS Corporation.

She subsequently experienced reduced radio airplay, TV promotion, and sales figures, while media coverage overwhelmingly minimised Justin's role.

"Whether I want to be part of that conversation or not, I am part of that conversation," the Damita Jo star continued. "I think it's important. Not just for me, but for women. So, I think it's important that conversation has been had. You know what I mean? And things have changed obviously since then for the better."

Janet, 55, is currently promoting her self-titled documentary, which is due to air on 28 and 29 January.