Tony Iommi is planning more music "in the vein" of his 'Scent of Dark' song.

The Black Sabbath legend recently dropped a solo single and perfume of the same name, featuring symphonic strings, and the 73-year-old guitar god has revealed he wants to continue writing music just like that.

In a YouTube video entitled 'Tony Iommi New Year 2022 Message', he teased: “A couple of interesting things [have] happened to me in the last year, one being they’ve named a fossil after me — a 480-million-year [old] fossil [called] Iommi, which I'm really proud of.

“It’s brilliant! I never thought that would happen. And the next thing that happened, which again I would never have believed, is I’ve got my own perfume out.

"That’s really great for me because I’ve always been interested for many, many years in different colognes and aftershaves and whatever else.”

He added: “I really enjoyed it, and the response has been fantastic.

“I’m going to continue in that vein of writing stuff like that. It was a great experience. … My wife played the ghost at the end of the video, and [at] the beginning, so have a look!”

The musician also heaped praise on his former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne and teased the track Tony wrote for the 73-year-old rocker's upcoming solo LP.

Tony gushed: “He’s done some great vocals on it.

"I was really pleased with what he’s done — he’s singing really well.”

Although Tony and Ozzy are in regular contact, they "don't really speak" directly because the 'Paranoid' singer gets confused by different time zones in the US and UK so they largely communicate by text.

Tony said recently: “We’re in touch quite a lot. We don’t really speak because we are useless on the phone, the pair of us. I think we stopped that when he used to phone me at 2 o’clock in the morning and I’d go, ‘Oz, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning.’ ‘Oh, oh, sorry. All right. Bye.’

“He forgets about what time it is in England, and of course when the phone goes at that time of the morning you think, ‘Oh, Christ. What’s that? Somebody’s died or something has happened.’ And of course it’s him going, ‘Oh, oh, oh, oh, sorry. I didn’t know it was that time.’ So we tend to sort of just text now."