Darren Criss views his new Christmas album as his "most personal" project to date.

The former Glee star dropped his debut festive record in the lead-up to the holiday season, with A Very Darren Crissmas including collaborations with Adam Lambert and Evan Rachel Wood.

Discussing the album in an interview for Fault magazine, Darren revealed he has dreamed of making the project for many years.

"I feel like at some point in a musician's life, we all wonder what sort of Christmas album we would release. It's a genre that happens once a year and you can't avoid it. I'm a big fan of holiday music and I've always been fascinated with how the rules change just for the season," he explained to the publication. "As a self-proclaimed genrephile, I can't help but be fascinated with musical ecosystems. I've always wanted to make a Christmas album, but I didn't want it to be a cash grab but a significant part of who I am. Arguably this one could be my most personal project. There's been a considerable amount of time granted to us this past year, I would've been a fool not to work on the album, it's something that's been long gestated and considered."

In addition to classics like The Christmas Song, Darren also includes his version of Joni Mitchell's River.

"To make it accessible, I chose familiar songs which would hopefully gateway to my more left of centre choices," the 34-year-old added. "I wanted songs that people know but performed uniquely; I don't like serving what's expected or feels safe. I like the avant-garde but in my very humble musical facility."