Ed Sheeran's touring profits plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 30-year-old pop star was thought to be pocketing £192,000 a day before the pandemic hit - which totalled to £70 million across the run of his tour - but in recent times his company has earned just under £600.

A source said: "Ed’s accounts for his company Hayagotatourboi Touring make for funny reading. He has absolutely raked it in from his tours and in the past three years the firm has made more than £250million. Ed made so much cash it worked out at him earning £192,000 a day."

The source said that the drop in earnings equates to just £1.62 per day, a stark contrast to his 'Divide' tour, which became the highest-grossing of all time with 8.9 million tickets sold.

Speaking to The Sun's Bizarre column, the insider added: " Ed made so much cash it worked out at him earning £192,000 a day. But now he’s taken a break he’s living a little more like us, with a daily income of £1.62."

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker stepped back from touring to work on his latest album 'Equals', which is also thought to be partly responsible for the drop in earning - but with Ed set to hit the road again in 2022, it is predicted that the tour earn "more cash than ever before."

The source said: "Taking a break from music in 2019 and working on 'Equals' is the reason the cash flow in the account has dropped down. Ed will go back out on the road next year with his '+ - = ÷ x' tour, and given it will have been three years since his last tour, it’s likely he’ll make even more cash than before.