Idris Elba is joined by friends DJ Boogie, DJ S.K.T, Tash LC and Majestic for a ChristMASH Soundclash. They each spin the Wheel of Steel and play various genres as the lucky wheel picks out songs by DMX, Shabba Ranks, Roger Sanchez and many more.

Idris Elba On Why He Loves “Drop it Like It’s Hot”…
I picked this tune because when this tune came out, man, it was the beginning of the collaboration time, when I'm talking about someone like Pharrell and Snoop coming together. That was a massive moment in collaboration.

Majestic Remembers DMX…

I like this. Listen, a genre very close to my heart. So many big hip hop records, but especially as we're coming to the end of 2021, I've got to show respect to the late, great DMX. And I think a lot of people don't put X for me in the tier that he deserves to be in as a lyricist, because we know the hype, we all see the footage from Woodstock 99, "Come on my dogs." He had it going on. But listen, DMX “Slippin'” is the song that I play in the shower, every single shower I have. Honestly, it's my tune. I love it. And yeah, it's so poignant, and it's such an inspiring track. So, DMX Slippin'. RIP, my dog.

Majestic Shares His Memories Of The Iconic Horace Faith Single “Black Pearl”…

Unlike Tash, I did not grow up in a Jamaican family, as you can see, because I'm white like chalk, as they say. But as a proud half English Irishman, with my dad growing up in north London, he was a massive, massive reggae fan. And his claim to fame was he was one of the first people to see Bob Marley in the U.K. This is a legendary track from the iconic Trojan records, stable, which if you know your reggae music, that is the label. And this always reminds me of on a Sunday afternoon, listening to tunes, and my dad and my mum going through tunes. And my dad would draw for his reggae, seven inch vinyls. And Horace Faith, "Black Pearl", is the tune that always reminds me of being a kid, and it is a rhythm.