Ray BLK joins Elton John on Apple Music 1 this weekend to discuss the release of her debut album "Access Denied", with Elton revealing he considers her "one of the greatest acts in Britain". Ray reflects on resisting pressure to release the album until she was ready, and shares the process behind writing her single 'MIA' featuring Kaash Paige.

Elton John Tells Ray BLK She Has “The Greatest Voice”…
I was talking to someone yesterday, a music journalist, and saying that we have, with you and Cleo Sol and NAO, we have so many great female singers in this country. And I think to me, you are the most underrated of them all and I just think you've got the greatest voice and you make the greatest records….. you're one of the greatest acts, I think, in Britain. You're certainly one of the greatest female voices we've ever had.

Ray BLK Tells Elton John About The Pressure She Felt To Release Her Album “Access Denied”…

I had a lot of pressure to make the album. People were expecting it to come a lot sooner than it did, maybe around 2018. But I wanted to take my time and I think it was the right thing to do, because I wanted my album to have a message and the message of “Access Denied” is really just about protecting your space and protecting your peace and making sure that the people you allow into your life are loving you, are uplifting you, are respecting you, respecting your boundaries and adding to your life.

Ray BLK Tells Elton John About Her Single ‘MIA’…

So I made this song in the heart of the summer and I wanted to just make a song that felt upbeat. I sampled DeBarge just because I wanted to sample a classic R&B song. As an R&B artist, I feel like that's something a lot of us do now, and it just gives homage to the Ashanti song which has most popularised it. And it's really just about enjoying whoever you are with and being present in the moment. I feel like our best experiences, it's not about where we are but it's about who we are with, so whether it's a partner or family, it's just about feeling like you are on holiday, no matter where you are with this person.