Planes Mistaken for Stars singer Gared O'Donnell has died aged 44.

The post-hardcore band's late frontman died on Wednesday (24.11.21) after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in August last year.

In a statement on Instagram, the group said: "It is impossible to express the depth of sorrow in which we must announce that Gared O’Donnell, our brother, our leader, our captain, who has done more to cultivate love and light in this world than any of us can understand, has moved on from his physical form here with us and crossed the rainbow bridge into the eternal ether.

"In his final days/hours, he was surrounded by the love of his family, his friends, his bandmates, and many others from afar.

"A titan, a pillar, a beacon, no one that knew him wasn't touched or inspired. The gift he gave us was himself, fully unselfishly pouring his life, love, and soul out to the world, so honestly that it hurt.

"His passion was infectious drawing us all to him and to each other. The family we have is vast because of Gared. Through the sheer force of his will, he helped to sculpt the reality we all inhabit. His impact on us will never die."

Meanwhile, the band's remaining members - Chuck French, Neil Keener and Mike Ricketts - revealed plans to release new music Gared was working on before his death.

They added: "Gared spent the last year of his life doing exactly what he loved, writing and recording music. We are currently working hard to bring these multiple final projects to completion.

“It is heartbreaking to do this without him, but we know that he would want for us to complete what we had started together. We will do our absolute best to honour his legacy and spread word of the legend that he embodied.”

Planes Mistaken For Stars released debut album 'F*** with Fire' in 2001, followed by 2004's 'Up In Them Guts', 2006's 'Mercy' and 2016 LP 'Prey'.