Adele is deeply appreciative of her friendship with Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Richie.

In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, the Hello hitmaker recalled how she experienced a shift in her personal life after she began to make friends with people within the entertainment industry, as well as her very famous neighbours in Los Angeles, including the likes of actress Jennifer and TV personality Nicole.

"They humanised me because I had avoided talking to anyone that was ever famous in any capacity, because I was like, 'Well, I'm not famous.' I'm very British like that," the 33-year-old commented. "We never spoke about work, which was amazing, because most of the time when I catch up with someone, they want to know all about my work, and I'm like, 'I don't want to talk about that. Can we talk about something else? I'm knackered.'"

Elsewhere in the chat, Adele opened up about her split from Simon Konecki, the father of her nine-year-old son Angelo. The former couple parted ways in 2018, with their divorce finalised in March.

"I didn't really know myself. I thought I did. I don't know if it was because (of) my Saturn return or if it was because I was well and truly sort of heading into my 30s, but I just didn't like who I was. I didn't really know myself. I thought I did. But I just didn't like who I was," she reflected. "It made me really sad. Then having so many people that I don't know, know that I didn't make that work... it f**king devastated me. I was embarrassed. No one made me feel embarrassed, but you feel like you didn't do a good job."