Smallzy chatted to Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade from Little Mix about how their lives are not the same since having children, if they regret some of the things they’d worn over the years, that Perrie watches old Little Mix videos on YouTube and cries, and the girls confirmed that Little Mix will continue.

Smallzy discussed that life has not been the same as it used to, particularly for Leanne and Perrie having had children.

Leanne said, “You can say that again.”

What has it been like having children?

Leanne said, “It’s very different these days. (I’ve seen how tough is for people with kids, how is it?) Mad. You mean like, the best thing in the world? Like, isn't it Perry? Just it's just wow, I have no words for it.

Perrie said, “It is the most some reward and most magical thing in the whole world. I love it.”

Little Mix on celebrating 10 years as an epic girl band and that there are not many pop icons who have a greatest hits album

Little Mix said, “I mean, it's been a strange one. Because obviously we're all kind of coming out of for that a little bit. But yeah, it's been it's been a strange year. But you know, full of lots of exciting changes for us. And yeah, this year is all about celebrating the 10 years of Little Mix a decade of pure epic girl bandness and we couldn't be prouder. Yeah, this this album is now here. I'm very excited about it. Sure the fans will absolutely love it. The new tracks as well as all the hits. And not many pop icons can say they've got a greatest hits album. Do you know what I mean?”

Perrie Edwards looking back on 10 years of Little Mix

When it gets to 10 years Perry, do you look back? It’s a little bit like a walk down memory lane? Do you look back on like things that or performances or photos of yourself in the early days and just go oh my god, what were we wearing in this? What made us think that was a good idea?

"I'm actually such a weirdo...sometimes I sit in bed at night and I'll watch Little Mix videos on Youtube till like, 3am!"

Perrie said, “Oh, all the time. I'm actually, I'm actually such a weirdo. Sometimes I sit in bed at night and I watch Little Mix videos on YouTube to like 3am. And then I just get into like, you know, when you get in a dark hole and just keep watching another one and another one and another one. And I go through like the history of Little Mix and I just sit in bed on my own and get emotional and think we've achieved so much. Oh my God, I'm such a sad oh.”

They discussed what they did for their album launch

Don’t read the comment section, you could have cured cancer and the comments section would still have a problem with you. That's just the internet, right?

Perrie said, “Yeah, this is very true. People just love to bitch on the real”

Leanne discussed her favourite memory over the 10 years – she discussed that they discovered Cheezel’s in Australia.

Leanne said, “I mean, obviously the incredible fan base and I feel like every time we come you guys are so loyal and it's just it's lovely to see. And but you know what I would probably say as well. You guys helped us discover cheezles.”

Smallzy said, “Do you remember when I bought that blue box of cheeses although I was like literally didn't pack another pair of underwear to keep the cheeses box in my suitcase and Perry went nuts I remember every all of us collectively nuts but I remember Cheezles.”

Leanne talked about her cravings for Cheezels while she was pregnant.

Leanne said, “You know my whole pregnancy all I wanted was Cheezels. I even contact my management and I was so please, please can speak to the Australian label and just ask someone, anyone, someone if they'll just send me some dumb Cheezels. My boyfriend had to take me to the shop to try and find something just similar.“

The girls confirmed that Little Mix will continue in the future

“I Just think…Little Mix, 10 years in…It’s just something that you can never really die! Can we just say thank you for being part of our journey…”

Perrie said, “Well, I mean, I just think Little Mix 10 years in and it's just something that can never really die if I'm honest.”

Smallzy said, “Plenty of artists would have well you know, I'll leave it with these plenty of artists in the time that we've known each other have come and gone and I think it's a testament to you three to be here today. And still you know recording music and releasing a greatest hits album and so that I say congratulations.”