Cardi B receives lots of "backhanded compliments" on Twitter.

The chart-topping rap star loves to use the micro-blogging platform - where she has more than 19 million followers - but she claims that her critics are reluctant to give her credit.

Cardi, 29, wrote on Twitter: "People on this app rather give me backhanded compliments because they hate to admit that I look good."

The 'WAP' hitmaker has also accused some of her critics of being "mentally deranged".

Alongside some throwback photos of herself, Cardi wrote in another tweet: "So according to the mentally deranged side of twitter I can't do a hair style that I have done plenty of times before, I can't do face expressions that I constantly do ooo & I can't eat ice cream even tho I literally had sonic ice trending last year due to my addiction ...Ummm OK (sic)"

Meanwhile, Cardi previously revealed that motherhood has given her more motivation than ever.

The rapper - who has Kulture, three, and another child who was born in September - explained that she's determined to give her children the best possible chance of success.

Reflecting on her ambitions and motivations, Cardi said: "All the time I’m thinking about my kid.

"I’m shaking my a**, but at the same time I’m doing business, I’m on the phone with my business manager saying, make sure that a percentage of my cheque goes to my kid’s trust.

"I give my daughter so much love, and I’m setting her up for a future. I want to tell her that a lot of the s*** that I have done in life - no matter what I did, knowing that I wanted to have kids made me go harder to secure a good future for my kids."