Chris Martin was interviewed on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds this morning just before Zoe also chatted to Adele.

Chris: I’m good, I’m happy to be warming up for Adele.

Zoe: [laughs] Has that ever happened before?

Chris: It’s happening all day, every day.

Zoe - Playing live, how cool was that, with crowds…

Chris – And Ed Sheeran!

Zoe – he’s looking great!

Chris - Our most successful member! When he’s in the band we’re 10 times more popular. Ed was so sweet and came and helped, and he realised that the joy of it is the doing of it, for any people at all. I get the same feeling that I used to get when I was at school. And there’d be a concert in 3 months time, and you’d be like ‘I can’t wait until June 5th, when we get to play Pearl Jam covers!’ I get that same ‘we’ve got a concert coming up!’

Zoe – I hope we never take these things for granted again, as it feels like life might not be the same

Chris - Maybe one of the secrets to life is not taking anything for granted

Zoe – Human Heart, you sang with Fleur East the other night, you dedicated it to your mum

Chris – I did. She has a interesting relationship with our songs, my mum. The way she told me she really liked Human Heart, I hope it’s ok to say this on the radio. She said ‘you’re not going to make a video for that Human Heart song are you?’ I said ‘I don’t think so’ and she said ‘good, because it’s really good’. I said ‘Are you trying to say that you really like the song?’ But that’s how she said it, but I love my mum so much, and she likes that song, and she was COVID positive this week so she was at home.

Zoe - ‘Sending your mum all the love Chris’

Chris: ‘Thank you. Coming up soon, Adele, you haven’t got long to wait!’