Yungblud claimed the O2 Academy Newcastle didn't want to "comply" with his "gender-neutral facilities" on his tour.

The 'strawberry lipstick' rocker took to Twitter ahead of his concert at the venue on Tuesday night (12.10.21) to share how "important" it was for him to provide gender-neutral toilets on his 'Life On Mars Tour' to make life easier for his non-binary fans.

And after telling Newcastle to "get out of the dark ages", Yungblud said "I am so excited to be in Newcastle" with a "gender-neutral toilets" sign behind him at the venue, before shushing.

In the clip, he began: “It was really important to me that there would be gender-neutral facilities on this tour because I know how hard it is for non-binary people at gigs sometimes going to the toilets and stuff. So that's happening.

"Except for some reason, Newcastle don't want to comply. Get out the f****** dark ages. What the f***."

He added: "I am so excited to be in Newcastle ... If the council's got a f****** problem with it, you come to me."

Meanwhile, the 'cotton candy' hitmaker recently insisted the most important part of his career is making sure his fans have "a voice".

And if that means having "five breakdowns a day" over it, he doesn't care as long as he can serve his community.

Yungblud - whose real name is Dom Harrison - said: "I just want to tell the truth and help people figure out their identity, gender, and figure out drugs, love, heartbreak, depression, loss, f****** everything.

"There is always pressure, I mean f*** me I have five breakdowns a day but it is always worth it. I just need to tell the f****** truth.

"I literally belong to a community, I've met every kid from every continent, every shape, every colour, every size, every identity, every way of life, and I want them to all know they have a f****** voice."

He continued: "The biggest kick I get is watching people run into a venue and be like, 'I have a f****** voice, I have a voice' and I'm like, 'Yeah you f****** do, you do, scream!'"