Last night Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small spoke to Jesy Nelson talks about not having a bloody clue what to do with her life when she left Little Mix, how she got Nicki Minaj to do a track with her and what things she wouldn’t tolerate from a man on Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery.

Jesy Nelson talks about not having a bloody clue what to do with her life when she left Little Mix.

Since we spoke last couple of changes in your life – new music (Boyz) and on your own. Was it always part of the plan, did you always have an inkling that you wanted to do this? Was it a hard decision to come to or did you go nah now's the time?

Jesy said, “To be honest, I mean after I left the band, I had a little bit of time to think about what I was going to do with my life because, if I am honest, I didn’t have a bloody clue. Then I stayed in contact with these two guys ‘Loose Change’ who done the first single, and they will actually like do you just want to come in the studio and maybe like write for other people, just take your mind off of things. Music to me is such a like form of therapy like, music can heal all to be honest like it's something for me personally that can take me out of the worst headspace and put me in a good mood. So yeah went into the studio and weirdly this was the first song that we ever wrote which is crazy, because normally when you like are going into write music that never normally happens. It takes a little bit of time so yeah to write my first single, in my first ever session, was just crazy to me but like it was just felt really natural.”

“Normally the first ones (songs you write) normally never seen the light of day, let's say that was good, that was a nice warm up, but we'll do nothing with this – right” said Smallzy

Jesy said, “I'm just I'm so excited for everyone's here I just hope everyone loves it as much as I do. I feel like I've literally put my heart and soul into this.”

Part 2 of audio is here -

Just played the new track. Love it. You've teamed up with Nicki Minaj, how did you end up getting Nicki to do the track?
Jesy said “I always knew that I wanted Nicki on it, she's the queen of rap to me. She heard the song, she loved it and I’m obsessed with her verse, I love that she's on it.”

From “OnlyFans to snapping at waiters – what bad boy behaviour is too much for Jesy Nelson -

The song all about bad boys. Would you put with this if a bad boy did it, pretend you're in a relationship - where is your level? What is your you know what I can handle that? Leaving the toilet seat up?

“Leaving the toilet seat up, I would tolerate that. That's not a that's not a bad thing. They would be told”, said Jesy.

Picking their nose leaving the boogers on the bedside table?

Jesy said, “What is that what you do? That is absolutely rotten, no, get out of my house if you did that.”

What would you do snaps at a waiter to get their attention in a restaurant?

Jesy said, “Literally I would get up and walk out? Never, that is so rude. I've never experienced that ever but if I did, I would tell them about themselves and I’d leave. You’ve got no manners if you do that.”

What if you’ve been seeing someone for a few months and you find they are subscribed to someone's Only Fans, would you tolerate that or would it be a deal breaker?

Jesy said, “For me a few months in is still quite deep in the relationship. If this was like, three weeks, then I'd be like, right okay, I’d be like, so babe do you think you're gonna get rid of that only fans and if not, they're out.”

Have you got a message for your Australian fans?

Jesy said, “Yes, I just want to say to all the Aussie fans that I just love you so much and I literally cannot thank you enough for all the support you've been showing me, and I'm just really hoping to get out there soon as soon as I can and just give them all a big hugs when I see them.”