Jared Leto has claimed he "got teargassed" at a protest about vaccine mandates in Italy over the weekend.

The Oscar-winning actor found himself caught up in the demonstration while in Rome on Saturday and took a series of images and videos on his Instagram Stories, which have since expired.

In one post, the 49-year-old shared footage of a police officer in riot gear confronting protestors and revealed in the caption, "Got caught in a protest in Italy. From what I gather it was about vaccine mandates/green pass... Got teargassed then called it a night."

He did not expand upon his experience at the protest further.

According to The Associated Press, thousands of people took to the streets of Rome on Saturday to campaign against the new Green Pass vaccination requirement, which comes into effect on Friday.

The mandate requires employees in both public and private sectors to present a Green Pass to enter the workplace. The passes prove that a person has had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine or tested negative for the virus in the last 48 hours.

Leto is believed to be in the capital with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, reports Deadline.