Camila Cabello has credited boyfriend Shawn Mendes with helping her overcome her struggle with comfort eating.

Previously, the singer/actress has openly discussed her struggles with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In a new interview with Glamour magazine, Camila revealed that both she and Shawn continue to take their individual therapy sessions seriously, and the Stitches singer has also aided her in breaking a nervous eating habit.

"I have this pattern of eating a lot when I'm anxious or uncomfortable," she told the publication. "It's a comfort thing for me. I'll just kind of become unconscious and zombie-eat a lot, and then I'll feel sick. I've told Shawn about that. So at the VMAs party, I was like, 'I'm doing it.' And he was like, 'It's okay. You're doing it. That's okay. Let's just take a breath and not do that.' It's really good for me to be able to talk about my patterns with someone."

Camila went on to note that working with trainer Jenna Willis has also helped her confront her body image issues.

"When I'm having negative thoughts about my body, that's actually when I'll want to binge-eat cookies, and then I have a stomachache," the 24-year-old shared. "It's this weird psychology: The more I love my body, the more I actually want to take care of it.... As long as I'm healthy and working out and feel good, that's the best I can do. There's no point in trying to have another kind of body."