Demi Lovato has claimed they once had a "beautiful and incredible" encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO).

While promoting their new series Unidentified with Demi Lovato during an appearance on E! News' Daily Pop on Monday, the Skyscraper singer - who uses they/them pronouns - described how they once identified extra-terrestrial activity.

"We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree (California) and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50 feet away, maybe less, and it was kind of like floating above the ground, just like 10 or 15 feet, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me. It was a beautiful and incredible experience," the star shared. "It definitely changed the way that you see the world. You have an inkling and then all of a sudden that inkling is confirmed. It changes your reality, for sure."

Demi went on to note that they have even convinced friend Matthew Scott Montgomery that there is alien life out there.

"We laughed a lot and we saw some really interesting things that we captured on camera," the 29-year-old continued. "I just have a curiosity about this topic that I've always had so I wanted to find out for myself."