AJ Tracey is to perform an intimate gig for 200 young people.

The 27-year-old star will be joined by Mae Muller and Ivorian Doll at a London venue on 29 September, where they will play a show for Apprentice Nation - who are supported by BT - as well as sharing their real-life career experience and offering tips and advice to the audience, and the 'Ladbroke Grove' hitmaker couldn't be more "proud" to be involved.

AJ said: "I’m a big believer in seeing the positives and breaking down barriers so I’m proud to be joining Apprentice Nation to inspire and motivate people to unlock their potential and shape their future.

"I’m excited to have this opportunity to perform my latest tracks and share my story, especially at a time when there’s still so much uncertainty around.

"I didn’t always know what my path was, so I know it’s really important to keep highlighting the opportunities out there for those who might not know where to look; whatever your situation, you’ve got to keep putting your best foot forward - you can do what you want and be what you want."

And the other artists are equally "excited" to have the chance to share their stories and get involved with Apprentice Nation, which is a career development platform that uses the power of music to inspire 16-24 year olds and help them shape their future.

She said: "I’m so excited to be involved with Apprentice Nation! The best kind of experience is hands-on and apprenticeships offer that kind of opportunity. I’m looking forward to sharing my story and I hope to inspire young people and encourage them to believe they can go out and do anything they want."

Ivorian added: "I can’t wait to join Apprentice Nation live on stage and to share my story. My career journey so far has brought some amazing opportunities and I want to make sure that all young people have visibility of the options available to them. Apprentice Nation is an incredible platform, showcasing many different pathways and opportunities that help people to shape their future."

The one-off concert will later be broadcast as a free-to-watch premiere apprenticenation.co.uk on 7 October at 19:00.

And following the online premiere of the gig, , Apprentice Nation will launch a series of inspirational, on demand content, featuring the music artists sharing their career stories, confidence-boosting tips, and wellbeing advice.

For more information on Apprentice Nation’s programme and how you can unlock rewards including access to mentors from Apprentice Nation as well as partners BT visit?apprenticenation.co.uk/join??