On the latest episode of PROUD Radio on Apple Music Hits, Hattie Collins is joined by Baby Queen and Tommy Genesis. Baby Queen tells Hattie about her song 'Want Me' and the personal messages she's since received from Jodie Comer and Courtney Love, and both she and Tommy Genesis share their thoughts on being open about their sexuality.

Baby Queen Tells Apple Music About Her Song ‘Want Me’ And The Reaction From Jodie Comer…

Hattie: So Bella, not only did you write a song about Jodie Comer, but Courtney actual Love posted about it on Instagram. Tell me everything about the song 'Want Me'?

Baby Queen: Yeah. I mean, "Want Me" was a big moment, I think, in my career, because it felt like a really shifting moment where a lot of people got involved, and I met a lot of new fans through that experience. I obviously watched "Killing Eve," and was absolutely... I was like, "Oh, my God." My family was telling me... Or my ex was... My ex texted me and was like, "You've got to watch this show because you're going to be in love with this character Villanelle. Yeah. My family was like, "There's this character that reminds me of you." And I was like, "Oh, why? And what is the character?" They were like, "Oh, a killing psychopath." I was like, "Great." NME did this article about it, and.. in the subject line they were like... writing about Jodie Comer, then they tweeted about it. And then that went mental on Twitter. And I got all sorts of death threats... It was crazy.

Hattie: Well, have you had any feedback from Jodie yet? What did she think about the tune?

Baby Queen: I was in the studio one day, and my managers are all logged into my Instagram, which I probably need to get changed. But one of them... I was charging my phone, went to record a song, and then came back in, and they were like, "Oh, Jodie has DMed you. And I was like, "What?" Yeah, I... I behaved like an absolute child. And then I got the follow and she sent me a message. She was like, "This song is..." She loves it, so. Yeah. It's pretty great. She's so nice.

Baby Queen Tells Apple Music About Wanting To Work With Courtney Love…

Hattie: Courtney Love was a fan of that track [‘Want Me’]. Any plans for a Courtney duet? Would you be up for working with Courtney if the opportunity presented itself?

Baby Queen: Yeah, absolutely. Of course. Firstly, she's an absolute genius. She's very clever. We messaged for a really long time, and voice noted back and forth, and we actually hung out a bunch of times. But... Yeah, she's amazing. And to have somebody that is so... She is, I would say, selective with her support. And she... Yeah, she really championed me, so that was amazing. And... Yeah, I think she's great.

Baby Queen Tells Apple Music About Being On A 'Journey' In Terms Of Discussing Her Sexuality In Public...
To be honest in the beginning, I was actually scared of doing stuff like this. Being able to be Baby Queen has honestly pulled me out of that a lot. I've still been on that journey. I'm still on that journey. I think I was really scared that any conversation about this would detract from my music. I didn't want any sort of label to come before lyricist. I wanted it to be the lyricist. I didn't want it to be something that defined me as...Unfortunately it still does, but I feel I just got to this point where I was like, I literally, one day was like I really don't care anymore. I really don't care. I have been in relationships with boys and girls. I have probably no accurate idea of what my sexuality really is, but I think that is really cool. And all the coolest people that I think are the coolest people alive on planet earth, are comfortable with being sexually fluid, are comfortable with being truly themselves. Same thing as honesty, you know what I mean? I can't preach honesty and sit there and write about honesty in my songs and then not be someone that carries that out in my actual life.

Tommy Genesis Tells Apple Music About Why Sexuality Shouldn’t Be Shocking…
I think, for me, I've kind of known since I was really young that I've been queer. When I'm making art, I talk about love a lot, but I also talk about my identity and my sexuality, and that's always been so obvious to me. It's just been obvious and it's sort of like the lens I see the world through anyways. I'm just living my experience of life. I didn't even really realise how shocking I was because to me, it's not shocking. To me, sexuality isn't shocking. We've come a long way as a society, but we still have so much more ground to cover. And I'm just happy that I see so many other queer artists making music and coming out. That makes me happy.