Celebrity Search Engine is back this week with a brand-new episode. This week, Abbie is joined by Jamaican Dancehall rapper, singer and record producer Sean Paul. He talks with Abbie about his new music, lockdown in Jamaica, his craziest fan stories and playing tennis with Serena Williams!

Sean will step up to be quizzed by host Abbie McCarthy, with a selection of questions based on the most popular, frequently looked-up, weird and wonderful searches on the internet, about Sean himself!

Sean Paul on lockdown and the pandemic in Jamaica

“We had a major Covid spike, hospitals full, crazy stuff, so yeah I’m trying to stay positive, other than that still considering you know different music.”

“The lockdowns have been crazy, for the past three weeks every Sunday is lockdown, Monday is lockdown and Tuesday is lockdown, so, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday is just crazy with traffic nowadays because everyone’s got to do you know those things, we’re a half week lockdown kind of thing.”

His new song ‘Only Fanz’

Abbie McCarthy: “Back with a new tune alongside Ty Dolla $ign called ‘Only Fanz’, what a name! Tell us about cooking this tune up because it’s a banger!”

“Kinda chose ‘Only Fans’ kinda because of the controversy of the name itself and what people go there for generally or mainly, but yeah it was just more about women being independent and being able to use their talent online to collect the bank, which is cool!”

Who has Sean Paul collaborated with and who has been his favourite?

Abbie McCarthy: “I mean you’ve worked with so many big names, how long we got?! But who is your favourite person right?”

“Next album I am doing is called Scorcher and that should drop by the end of this year and that’s got a bunch of people on it also, at least 8 collabs on that.”

“I could definitely say that the track with Beyonce was the first one that took me, just made me into more of an international star.”

How much is Sean Paul worth?

“Wow, well I don’t know, what am I worth, what’s my music worth to you, you know what I mean. That’s the question I’d ask, I can say now that if I stopped music now, I wouldn’t have to do nothing.”

On playing tennis with Serena Williams

“I went there, and I played, and you know I got a couple of great points on her, and so everybody was like yo, you beat Serena that’s amazing!”

On his craziest fan story

“In Chicago, I woke up, I did the show, showered, put towel around me, then dropped into bed and went to sleep, and then early in the morning I’m hearing *knock knock*, and I looked at my clock and it’s not cleaning time, so I’m like no thanks go away, and then I heard the door open and I was like go away and I looked up and a young lady standing there with one of those cameras, and she’s taking pictures, and my towel was flying off and I was like yoooo, she zips in my bag, took a shirt and runs out and I was like what the frick!”

His nomination for the Celebrity Search Engine experience

“Yeah, you know let me say and let me big up Dua Lipa and call her out, I don’t know if you’ve done anything with her.”

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