Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro joined Absolute Radio’s Danielle Perry to chat about their brand new album ‘The Myth of the Happy Ever After’.

The band who recently headlined Reading and Leeds discussed the ‘great family vibe’ they felt they had whilst making their ninth album, as well as how they drew inspiration from around the farm where they were recording.

“Most Fridays we would always have a bit of fun.” said the band “We always call them freaky Friday and that’s when you get the keyboard out and you started getting some really whacky noises on there. We also sampled farm noises, we literally went around the farm and we got live cows, we got farmers working the tractors and different machinery doing different noises, and we would make little drum loops out of that. There actually on the record. So, the real essence of the farm and sound of the farm were on the record, literally.”

Alongside chatting about their latest album which is out in October and their new single Unknown Male 01, the band also gave Danielle an insight into their recording process, as well as discussing what it has been like getting back out on the stage.

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Discussing the family vibe the band has: “We built a kitchen. We got these little camping stoves, this is no lie, this is how glamorous we are when we record now. We got these little camping stoves and pots and pans and we kind of got a kitchen together and we would cook our own food every evening. We got really quite good at it. Some days we were cooking like proper two course meals whilst Si’s doing vocals next door, so you’ve got to keep your pan at a certain level! It is what it is, it’s a lockdown album.”

Talking about performing again Reading & Leeds: “We have all been through such strenuous times we have to re-evaluate our lives and think what is important. Obviously, this band is the most important thing in our lives. We love it. Music is entertainment ultimately and there has been some serious stuff going down around the world over the past wee while, and I think we just wanted to go out there and enjoy it. Just remember what it is we do, not take it for granted but don’t be overawed by the whole experience and I think we all did that perfectly. We all came off and were just elated, so happy, all so emotional and close to tears.”

Talking about how they created the album: “It was such a laugh, so much fun making this record. Not at any point was there any record label there. No one was there to check up on us. It was just us, and the taste test was just whether the hair stood up on our arms or are we feeling this as a band. And it was very experimental, we were changing tracks dramatically right up to the very end”