US singer Faye Webster joins Elton John on Apple Music 1 to discuss her recent album 'I Know I'm Funny Haha.’ She tells Elton about when she first realised that she should pursue music seriously, shares her musical influences and more.

Faye Webster Tells Elton John About Her Introduction To Photography...
I think when I knew I was going to drop out of college, I just loaded up on electives because I just wanted to have fun. And I took photography as one of them, and kind of around the same time, I joined Awful Records. And it didn't feel like a record label to me. It felt like, just like these are my friends and we're just working together and hanging out together. And yeah, they would kind of just let me take pictures of them. And that's how I first started.

Faye Webster Tells Elton John About When She Realised She Had Musical Talent...
When I was playing music as a kid and I would do these open mic nights all the time, it was my dad who was finally like, "You have to have something to give to people." And I was like, "Do I? Do people even want to hear that or have that?" And yeah, I think that's when I decided to actually take it seriously.

Faye Webster Tells Elton John About Her Influences...
I grew up listening to Alison Krauss. So I feel like that was kind of like my... I remember first hearing her and being like, people can sing like this? This sounds literally unreal. I literally spent so many years listening to her. But another influence for me is Courtney Barnett. I really appreciate her vocal style as well.